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vendredi 6 mars 2015

Agriculture Volunteer Project now going on at SunCampDR

Agriculture Volunteer Project now going on at SunCampDR
Date: March 2015
Made by: Nicholas Malkentzos with the help of Rémi and Florian.
Huge culture composted raised bed Instructions

Start by digging a pit approx. 3 feet by 8 feet any size is OK & digging is optional but a good idea if you need soil to add to the bed.  There is no specific debt to the pit. Dug only about half a foot when the soil is very heavy clay and difficult to dig with a shovel.
1.    Add about an inch or 2 of pebbles sand and small river stones to the pit for drainage and will gradually release trace minerals. This step is optional not critical but if available good idea.
2.    Add logs: large and small branches old or new in the pit. As much or as little as you want. The amount along with the debt of the pit will determine how high the bed will be.  Generally I like to make them high enough so I do not have to bend to plant or harvest so I usually go at least 3 feet high. The larger the logs the more water they will hold and the less watering you will have to do later.
3.    Add a layer of green material a couple of inches thick any type of green leaves or plants be aware of not adding plants going to seed as they may sprout later.
4.    Add a layer enough to cover the greens of brown which can be old leaves, cardboard, paper coconut husk. Again be aware of seeds in the brown material that may sprout later.
5.    Add some compost, cow manure and soil enough to lightly cover the brown material.
6.    We did about 3 layers of green, brown and cow manure. A few more layers or a few less should be determined by how thick the layers are, how deep your roots will be and how high you want your bed to be.
7.    Add a little water between each layer.
8.    Top layer top soil cover the entire bed at least 2 inches thick
9.    Combined brown material like coconut huts with seaweed as a final cover to add additional trace minerals and hold in moisture.
Plant seeds, sprouts or trees and it can all be done immediately.  Be aware of the location of the sun to determine where you plant.  I would suggest putting the Guanabana (soursap) farthest away from the sun since it will be the largest tree, then cocoa in front of the soursap then we can try corn but I am not sure if there will be enough sun for corn. Maybe we should choose a sunnier spot or we can try.